Master Key Services

Restricted Master Keys are a major service specialty of ours. We have an outstanding history of working with master keys and providing an unrivalled level of diligence and security in such matters. When security is important, choose Bond Locksmiths for Master Keys.

Master Key Services

What is a restricted key system? A restricted key system is a security key maintained by a specific locksmith. Any request for extra security keys may only be allowed after receiving a written and signed authority letter from an authorised person of your business.

Photo identification is also required for the keys to be collected. All restricted system documentation is housed in a fire and theft proof safe in an alarmed and monitored building.

Why you need Bonds for Restricted Master Keys

Only Bond Locksmiths can cut your keys, that is, other key cutters or locksmiths are restricted by law from doing so which will prevent unauthorised duplicate keys being cut.

This will reduce the need to have your locks changed when for example, an employee is terminated.

Restricted key system barrels installed are pick and lock bumping resistant.

All keys are identified with system numbers and key issue numbers so it is easy to keep track of the total amount of keys cut for your premises.

Retro fits to most existing locks.

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